DMS-Online learning is an innovative development in education that uses the Internet to facilitate learning without limitations of time and place. Complete your coursework online while receiving hands on instruction once a week at the campus. Physically attending school means conforming your schedule, but IAMP online lets you decide when to login and complete your coursework. IAMP online allows you to work at your own pace. You decide when it’s time to study, allowing you to schedule your coursework around full or part time jobs as well as family commitments.


Questions about our DMS-Online Program?

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Request more information or to talk to an DMS-online admissions representative, please call (203) 541-5674 (203) 541-5681.

IAMP Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Online

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) training at your fingertips

  • DMS-Online offers flexibility and support that you need to achieve your goals

  • Flexible scheduling fits your busy life

  • The world is your campus


The DMS program blends online classes, lab sessions on campus (once a week : Day/Eve & Wkd) and a clinical externship at a medical facility. The online theory classes allow our students to complete their coursework from the comfort of their own home or any location with an internet connection. The weekend on campus lab component allows students to grasp the hands-on skills needed to become an Ultrasound Technician. The clinical externship provides our students with the real world skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field.

Is there a difference in the quality of education I will receive?

The Quality of IAMP DMS- online classes are similar to traditional classroom-based courses. You can interact with your instructor and collaborate with fellow DMS-online classmates. You have specific start and completion dates for the course. You use academic textbooks and study guides. Most importantly, you earn academic credit that is identical to the classroom-based course.

DMS-Online courses are no less rigorous than the same courses taught in the classroom because they have the same academic content. DMS-Online courses will likely require more of a time commitment because you must take the initiative to plan and follow through a study schedule based on the requirements of your course. You need to proactively approach your instructor and ask questions. Your instructor is readily available to interact, guide and support you in your study.


How do I take DMS-onlne courses?

Iteachers is IAMP’s web based learning environment that allows students and faculty to participate in virtual classes. IAMP’s DMS- online courses are delivered via the iteachers system. Students need to purchase a textbook, but they access instruction, course supplementary materials and assignments in their iteachers account. Students can turn in assignments, receive feedback, view grades and participate in virtual class discussion. Course include online testing, therefore, students won’t need to travel to campus during the week.

Do DMS-online classes have specific due dates?

Most classes have specific due dates for assignments and tests. Read the syllabus carefully and discipline yourself to follow a study plan in order to succeed.

Can I see what its like to take a DMS-online course?

Yes, request access to our sample online course by completing the request information form. By navigating this course you will see what its like to take our DMS-online  program.