Program Goals

1. Extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology necessary to accurately perform vascular medical ultrasound exams and become an important part of a diagnostic imaging team.

2. Skills required to operate vascular diagnostic ultrasound machines both imaging and non-imaging in all medical settings.

3. The ability to complete a wide range of vascular exams.

4. On-site medical experience through the programs clinical internship.

5. Academic preparation needed to take the Cardiovascular Credentialing International Exam

Vascular Sonography

Available only at the Hoboken NJ Campus 

A Vascular Medical Sonographer is an allied health care professional who uses sound waves to create diagnostic images of the anatomy and vessels to be interpreted by a physician.


This certificate program is designed to provide the essentials of sonographic techniques. Our curriculum leads the entry level student through primary sonographic education. Basic subjects explored include physical principles, vascular sonography and hemodynamics. Special emphasis is placed on enhancing the scope of the curriculum by providing additional learning opportunities in this vascular specialty. The curriculum also devotes significant time to developing “hands-on” laboratory skills. Each section of the course will conclude with a testing procedure to check the level of achievement of each student.

This thirteen month certificate program is designed to provide the essentials of vascular ultrasound techniques. The student will be tested at intervals throughout the program to check his/her level of achievement and progress.

Students attend classes and receive laboratory instruction for the first 8 months (day) and 13 months (evening) of the program. Day classes are scheduled from 9:00am – 3:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Evening classes are scheduled from 6:00pm – 10:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

The remaining 5 months will be devoted to full-time clinical training (Monday - Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm). The student will complete eight hundred (800) hours of clinical internship (40 hours per week).